Santorini: All White Everything

IMG_1513White buildings, blue domes, fresh seafood, Cliffside views. Thira, also known as Santorini, is an unbelievably beautiful island. It doesn’t take photography skills in order to take amazing photos on the island. Every place we went to had a perfect backdrop for picture perfect views. We stayed in the quaint town of Firostefani which is a 10 minute walk to the main town, Fira, and about a 30 minute drive to the infamous town of Oia. If you’re looking for a place that is quieter but still close to town then I highly suggest checking this town out. We stayed at the Reverie which wasn’t on the cliff but it had a rooftop terrace that had the best view of the sunset and it was cheap considering it’s in Santorini.



Getting to Santorini: We came to Santorini directly from Mykonos. There are no direct flights between the islands so the cheapest and most reasonable way to get to the island is by Ferry. We took Hellenic Seaways high-speed 7, which is a faster ferry so it took only 3 hours verses other ferries that take much longer.

Getting around in Santorini: Okay, so Firastefani has a bus stop really close by if you are trying to travel to Oia or Imerovigli. In order to get to the beaches at the southern tip, its about a 30 minute walk into the heart of Fira in order to catch a bus. I read so many blog posts that said to not take the bus because they aren’t on time or go off route which is the furthest from the truth. First off, buses have to make other stops en route to your final destination, that’s inevitable. Greeks are very prompt people and if they say they are leaving at 12pm, they are leaving at 12pm. They are rarely late when it comes to that stuff. Its also extremely cheap. Most places in Santorini are only 1,80 euros but to Perissa or Perivolos it is 2,40 euros one way.

Where to Eat:

  • Pirouni: Located In Firostefani on the cliff hands down had the best octopus in Greece. Imagine the most tender and flavorful piece of kalimari that you’ve ever had and that’s this octopus. They also have this appetizer called Mushroom Pirouni and it is a feta cheese cream sauce with mushrooms and it was to die for. I could have licked the bowl clean but it would have been frowned upon haha. The best part of this restaurant is that the view was breathtaking and overlooked the water and the town and it really was a sight to see in person.
  • Da Costa: When walking into Fira from Firostefani this place is located right as you enter Fira. This place also overlooks the water and the town of Fira. If you go here, you’ve gotta order the mussels saganaki which is a Greek tomato based sauce and baked feta. Just do it, you will not be disappointed.

What to Do: Okay if you’re going to Santorini, you’ve gotta do the Catamaran Cruise. We went through Santorini Sailing and for a 6 hour sunset ride that takes you around the islands, lets you swim in the sulfur springs, includes a private dinner on the beach, and unlimited beer and wine, it was only 210 euros for 2 people which is a great deal. We got to watch the sunset out in open water too which was a perfect way to end the day.

Fun facts:

  • Santorini has a couple other islands in the caldera (Thirasia, Kemeni islands, Aspronisi) and when all outer corners are hypothetically connected, it forms a perfect circle. The volcano underneath the water is still active and the initial eruption was the largest eruption in history, about the equivalence of 100 nuclear bombs going off at once. It is predicted that in 1000 years, the sea levels will drop and the entire caldera will be seen.
  • According to famous Greek philosopher, Homer, Atlantis is located underneath the water here.
  • One of the little islands that is part of the Caldera is uninhabited besides one man who disagreed with social norms and built himself a home with a mini farm, generator and boat. He lives completely off the land and only trades his goat’s milk, cheese or chicken eggs with the main island of Santorini if he needs goods. He doesn’t use money whatsoever.



Leave a comment if anyone has any questions or has any other recommendations of restaurants or things to do!

xx Lexi


Santorini 1Pirouni:IMG_1260


Ammoudi Bay:IMG_1294

Santorini Sailing:IMG_1335IMG_1343IMG_1301IMG_1344






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