MYKONOS: 50 Shades of Blue


Oh Mykonos! You have my heart. From endless white cobblestone paths to unbelievably turquoise waters, Mykonos did not disappoint. You know when you have an image in your head of what a place looks like and then you get there and it’s nothing like that? Well Mykonos looks EXACTLY like the photos but even better!

So first off, we flew into Mykonos from Athens. The flight was literally 30 minutes and super cheap if you book through Volotea rather than Aegean airlines. I believe our tickets were 50 euros each which was not bad compared to Aegean which was around 100 euros each.

Here’s the deal with Mykonos… I chose a hotel that was near all the action a.k.a Mykonos Town just because I wanted the ability to be near Little Venice and all the restaurants/bars and bus stops. We stayed at Little Rochari which is a smaller version of Rochari Hotel and it is cheaper and on a hill so 3 words: UNREAL SUNSET VIEWS. This place was literally a 5 minute walk to the entrance of the cobblestone paths, windmills, and bus stops. The buses here take you to all the beaches and it took no longer than 30 minutes to get there which was ideal and cheap! Mykonos was all about beach hopping for me so we went to Ornos, Platis Gialos, and Paradise beach and each one had something different to offer.

Ornos Beach: Ornos was absolutely breathtaking! All the beaches have the cutest cabanas and amazing architecture and designs that really draw people to come to the beaches here. The water is also a sight to see as the crystal blue water surrounds all the beaches here. But anyways, Ornos has a lot of sea-side restaurants and this aura that is indescribable. Pictures will be posted below cause I just have to words to describe how cute Ornos is haha.

Platis Gialos: Platis Gialos is also a cute little beach that provides modern restaurants and cheap cabanas for 20 euros for 2 people. We decided to get the cabanas here and the best part was that we got the cabana literally right in front of the water and the staff brings you drinks so you do not need to leave. There are also water sports provided so if you wanted to jet ski or try the water jet pack then plan on doing that here!

Paradise Beach: Alright so there’s Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach. I did not go to Super Paradise Beach because I wasn’t trying to go clubbing all day so I decided on a less wild version of that and headed to Paradise Beach. This one is farther away but again, the drive really wasn’t that bad. So Paradise beach also has beach cabanas cause c’mon, it’s Mykonos, and there’s cabanas on all beaches. There’s also beach clubs where people dance on tables and get pretty wild which was awesome for some people watching. One of the most popular beach clubs, Tropicana, is located here. For those of you who watch Below Deck Mediterranean, this club was featured on that series. It really is unlike anything I’ve seen before. Again, you really cannot go wrong with any of these beaches but it is nice that they all offer something a little different.

So go and get lost in the cobblestone paths in Mykonos Town, head to the beach for a drink or 5, and truly embrace what Mykonos has to offer cause trust me, this place is beautiful.

Also, as a side note: people here do not eat dinner till 10pm and do not hit the bars till at least 11:30pm. So brace yourselves.

IMG_0958IMG_0974IMG_0976IMG_1236IMG_1235IMG_1234IMG_1161Views from Little RochariIMG_1205Mykonos TownIMG_1008Baos Cocktail Bar- And yes the sunset actually looked like thatIMG_1125Views from Little RochariIMG_1024OrnosIMG_1028OrnosIMG_1228OrnosIMG_1229OrnosIMG_1041OrnosIMG_1108Platis GialosIMG_1114Platis Gialos

IMG_1022Platis GialosIMG_1109Platis GialosIMG_1110Platis Gialos and yes that is a pool on top of the restaurant!IMG_1165IMG_1180Paradise BeachIMG_1231IMG_1182Paradise BeachIMG_1172Paradise BeachIMG_1193IMG_1176Tropicana

IMG_1170Paradise BeachIMG_1145Mykonos TownIMG_0993



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